Senior Telemaster Laser Cut Kit

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We've gone back to the basics to make the Classic Senior Telemaster kit the best version yet. We retained all the terrific flight characteristics of the original Senior Telemaster and while going back to the "barn door" aileron design with the ability to build large flaps for added fun. Battery or fuel tank access is through a large hatch on the top front of the fuselage. The wings are 2-piece with an aluminum wing tube. The wing has (4) 1/4-20 Nylon bolts to hold it in place. The vertical and horizontal tail assembly can be removable if needed by using (4) four mounting screws.  

The Senior Telemaster Kit includes a large hatch on the bottom of the fuselage for a drop box, if desired, that can be remotely opened by a servo for candy drops or parachute drops. The fuselage interior is large with lots of room for a camera. The precision of laser cutting brings a whole new experience to kit building, parts fit precisely and assembly is much faster than with earlier style kits. Full size black line plans with notes on the plans guide you through the build. You can be assured of a warp-free, light yet strong aircraft that retains all of the great flying characteristics that makes the Senior Telemaster a truly iconic model aircraft.

Kit includes strong  landing gear and bent wire tailwheel assembly, pushrods and clevises, axles, main wheels and tail wheel. You will need 4 rolls of covering. A 7-channel radio system is required to use all functions: Ailerons (2 servos), Flaps (2 servos), Elevator, Rudder , Drop hatch. The plane can be set-up as glow with a 60-90 size, gas 15- 20 cc (See our RCGF line of gas motors), electric see below.

Tech Specs:
Wingspan: 96"
Length: 69"
Wing area: 1400 sq. in. 
Flying weight (w/5s 5000mAh): 10-1/2 pounds 
Motor: 60 size brushless outrunner 
Battery: 5 cells 5000mAh LiPo
Speed Control: 90A Opto 
Servos (Ailerons and Flaps): 4-Standard HS-322 or equiv.
Servos (Elevator and Rudder): 2-HS-225MG 

What's New in the Senior Telemaster V2 Kit:
All laser cut precision balsa and plywood
2-piece wing for easy transport
Large strong aluminum wing tube (no struts required)
Removable tail group 

1 - 7 Channel Transmitter / Receiver
6 -  Servos

1 - .60 Brushless Motor
1 - 17x10E Thin Electric Prop

Motor Controller
1 - 90A Opto Brushless ESC
1 - 6A BEC

1 - 5S 5000mAh+ Lipo

1 -AC/DC Charger

Glue, Solder, Connectors, etc and four rolls of covering material.


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