Mini Telemaster Kit (4-Channel)

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The NEW Mini Telemaster kit is a huge step forward in easy to build and fun to fly RC model airplanes. It has the great Telemaster heritage that means that it is an airplane that flies beautifully and with the precision of laser cutting it is an unsurpassed build experience. The kit includes all laser cut wing ribs and stab ribs, and the fuselage including the firewall and battery tray.  The wing is uses a locking spar system to help with a easy build and added strength. The unique parts alignment system provided assures perfect part orientation and speeds the assembly. Each laser cut part pops out of the sheet ready to assemble with minimal sanding or trimming to release the cut tabs. There is a large magnetic hatch on the top of the fuselage to access the battery, no need to remove the wing. The wing is held on with rubber bands just like it's Iconic brother when the Telemaster line first came out.

 Cut-to-order kits include: Laser-cut parts, rolled plans and DuBro hardware.

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Technical Specifications:

Length: 32"
Wingspan: 45"
Flying Weight: 23 oz.
Controls: Rudder, Elevator, Throttle, Ailerons
Wing Area: 325 sq. in.
Kits expected to leave our shop 7-10 days after order